The Best Sci-Fi games you may have missed.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

I haven't played every sci-fi game going(sorry), but here a few that are well worth not being left in the past.

I am sure there are many more that I have either missed or never even heard of. So please update my backlog library by dropping us a message or adding to the forum.

Portal 2

I only played this game for a short duration, but it was extremely fun and memorable. I really don't know why I haven't gone back to it. This may have to be my next completion challenge. The characters are great, the plot is intriguing and the puzzles are incredibly clever and intuitive. From my short playtime on this I would highly recommend at least giving it a go. Unless you're not a fan of puzzles. If that's the case, avoid this like the plague or you will be left in tears.

Nier : Automata

What an amazing game. This will be like nothing you have played before. Beautiful, serene, action-packed, gripping, challenging, rewarding, satisfying, slick and many more positives to boot. It has so much to offer in it's amazingly presented package. Exquisite and fluent melee combat, nostalgic gunner ship gameplay, varied epic boss battles and amazing set pieces. This is a brilliant game and is a breath of fresh air for anyone wanting something a little bit different. Play it! It is a must.

Destiny 2

Still one of the most popular MMO games around and still getting new content 3 years on. You won't find many games that beat the fluidity of the gunplay and responsiveness of this game. If online multiplayer is your thing, then you would be crazy to miss out on this. Also, it now has free to play option.

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