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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Marvel Spiderman

One of the most fun and enjoyable games I have played in a long time. Everything you can do is greatly satisfying and makes you feel like you are the Spiderman. From web slinging, to scrapping with criminals( in an arkham knight style melee based combat). From rescuing citizens to boss battles against a host of spideys villains. I dare you to not enjoy this game. I couldn't put the controller down.

I spent about 40 hours getting the platinum for this (something I very rarely do) and there wasn't a time when I was bored or had enough. Every time I heard the whir of the PS4 slowing to a stop as it turned off, I was already wondering when I could be back on it to play some more.

I could spend ages just swinging from building to building, swooping down through the cars, edging ever closer to the tarmac. Or somersaulting and catapulting over skyscrapers and rooftop gardens.

The combat is some of the best I've ever played. It starts off nice and simple with dodge and counter attacking and builds into a multi enemy assault that you need to learn the full Spiderman arsenal to defeat. There are numerous various challenges throughout the city that put your web-slinging and combat skills to the test on top of the excellent and very sufficient campaign that it has to offer.

The characters are well portrayed and the voice acting is of a premium standard. The game runs extremely smoothly and looks amazing. If you haven't played it yet, you are very lucky. You have a very nice treat to look forward to. It's gaming brilliance. Enjoy!

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