Marvel Spiderman is a blast!

Updated: Mar 6

Marvel Spiderman

We should all know the Spiderman story by now. Fortunately, we don't have to witness it again in this game. It's straight back to business. The 2018 hit stands high in my list of great games. I didn't expect much from this after after playing the Amazing Spiderman 2 early on in the PS4 life cycle. It was clunky, repetitive, and generally felt cheap. That's not to say that it was without enjoyment and sparks of great gameplay. The freedom of movement and the satisfaction you get from web slinging your way around New York was second to few and some of the basics of combat were

I spent around 40 hours getting the platinum for this (something I very rarely do) and there was little time to be bored or discontented with it. Every time I heard the whir of the PS4 slowing to a stop as it turned off, I was already planning my next session in control of spidey.

I could spend days swinging from building to building, swooping down amongst the cars, edging ever closer to the tarmac. Or somersaulting and catapulting over skyscrapers and rooftop gardens.

The combat is some of the best I've ever played. It starts very simplistic, with dodge and counter attacking, and builds into a multi enemy assault, for which you will need to learn the full Spiderman arsenal to defeat. There are numerous varied challenges throughout the city that test your web-slinging and combat skills, accompanying the excellent, gripping campaign that it has to offer.

The characters are well portrayed and the voice acting is outstanding. The game runs extremely smoothly and looks amazing. If you haven't played it yet, you are very lucky. You have a treat awaiting. It's gaming brilliance. Enjoy!

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